You’ll be in
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Here are just a few of the tasks Party Wall PRO
can perform for you

  • Creating notices, letters and awards in a few clicks
  • Automating the production of your own templates with logos, fonts etc.
  • Being notified of notice period deadlines
  • Visually tracking jobs and updating owners in an instant
  • Archiving all your past jobs and documents in one safe place
  • Collaborating with your team, sharing messages and comments
  • Creating appointments and reminders
  • Streamlining the third surveyor selection


Track notice periods

We track the notice periods’ expiration for each adjoining owner for all your party wall matters, so you don’t have to.


Issue notices and letters in one click.

We populate the notices, acknowlegements and letters so you can be sure all the details are correct and you don’t have to spend the day copying and pasting adjoining owners’ information. We provide industry standard templates or you can choose to import your own in-house documents that include your logos, special fonts and layouts.


Get notifications to issue notices.

We remind you when a letter is to be issued if you haven’t heard from an ajoining owner.

Document Management

Keep track of all documents.

Keep notices, letters, schedule of conditions or pictures in one place and accessible from any device, making your life much easier when it’s time to serve an award.

Introducing Party Wall PRO

Track and be in control of your Party Wall Matters.
  • Matter Tracker

    Take control of your live matters.

  • Automated to do list

    Know what needs to be done next.

  • Document Management

    All documents in one place.

  • Notice Creator

    Create notices and letters in one click.

Built for Party Wall Surveyors

The software is a direct implementation of instructions and
feedback from party wall professionals.

More than just a management tool

We listened to a huge number of party wall surveyors and heard the same story over and over. So we built a tool to help professionals better manage their party wall matters by tracking each job from start to finish, better manage their teams and help avoid any of the pitfalls that come with a busy workload. If you are a busy party wall surveyor Party Wall PRO is for you.

Exclusive Community

Join our exclusive networking club where members get targeted referrals, free and discounted tickets to party wall events and learn more about our software and take part in upcoming product developments.

We listen

We are not Party Wall surveyors trying to run a tech company on the side (or vice versa). We do not have conflicts of interest and we do not impose our way of doing things. We make no assumptions. We just listen and focus on serving our users the best we can.

Regain Control

Get clarity on all your party wall matters.
  • Track

    Know what needs to be done next.

  • Peace of mind

    Know you have fulfilled all your statutory duties. Keep track and records of all your Schedule of Conditions.

  • Communication

    Be confident that you can update an owner in an instant.

  • Management

    Better manage your team members by following their progress.

What our customers say

It is now fully integrated into our systems and we are very much enjoying the benefits of Party Wall PRO. With the volume of work we have, Party Wall PRO just cuts through email trawling etc. and makes us more efficient - which is what it is all about!

Mark Amodio

Anstey Horne

We have been using PWP for a year now and manage over a hundred party wall instructions at any one time with it. When used to its full potential the time savings are considerable - I estimate that we can save an hour on each matter which amounts to around £30k per annum.

Steven Way MRICS

Collier Stevens

Party Wall PRO helps me keep on top of everything. I am not dreading receiving a call from an irate building owner anymore because I know that everything is under control.

Lee Kyson

Kyson Building Consultancy

It's like having an effective Assistant in the office 24/7 but without a corresponding salary leaving our account! Highly recommend.

Graham Kinnear

Graham Kinnear Property Consultant

This is not a one fix solution for a novice surveyor, but instead a professional piece of software that allows professional surveyors to be more organised, more efficient and more profitable.

Leo Scarborough MRICS

Dacegrade Limited


All plans come with a 3 months money back guarantee.


£ 69

month (ex.VAT)

  • Ideal for individual party wall surveyors
  • Price per user
  • Individual training / support
  • Access to referral programme and rewards
  • Save 10% when you pay yearly

£ 299

month (ex.VAT)

  • More suitable for party wall teams with 5 members or more.
  • 5 users or more (max. 10)
  • Group training / support
  • Shared dashboard and views
  • Collaboration features
  • Bespoke notice and award templates
  • Save 10% when you pay yearly

£ 599

month (ex.VAT)

  • Designed for bigger organizations with larger party wall teams.
  • Unlimited users
  • Group training / support
  • Shared dashboard and views
  • Collaboration features
  • Bespoke notice and award templates
  • Custom features
  • Online & onsite training


If you think Party Wall PRO can help your business and if
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