We are a new London based startup, born in 2015 with the mission of helping party wall surveyors overcome some of their challenges to work smarter and more efficiently.

We started by conducting a survey of 68 party wall surveyors who are currently using Word/Excel and similar other tools to run their practice. Here is what we discovered:

  • 80% find it frustrating and error prone to copy/paste addresses in notices and acknowledgment forms
  • 70% said tracking notice periods is difficult when multiple adjoining owners are involved
  • 60% find it very stressful to ensure all statutory duties are fulfilled
  • 55% feel it is time-consuming and stressful to keep owners informed
  • 40% believe keeping colleagues in the loop takes a lot of time, but it’s crucial when taking annual or sick leave

For many surveyors that took part in this survey, all these issues translate into more stress, worry and fatigue.

Wouldn’t it be nice if most of those repetitive, tedious and error-prone manual tasks were automated, saving you time, energy and money?

Well, that’s EXACTLY what we did.

We employed cutting-edge technology to deliver a solution to our early adopters, who were keen on working with our software experts in order to make life easier for their party wall teams and boost results.

The outcome is what we think is the best and most comprehensive custom software for party wall surveyors: Party Wall PRO. We’ve since opened up the solution to more companies, and our user base has grown organically through word of mouth and incoming web traffic. We’ve seen people who’ve tried different things in the past getting very excited after watching a demo of what this new tool can do for them.

Here are just a few of the tasks Party Wall PRO can perform for you:

  • Creating notices, letters and awards in a few clicks
  • Visually tracking jobs and updating owners in an instant
  • Being notified of notice period deadlines
  • Accessing your documents from all your devices
  • Archiving all your past jobs and documents in one safe place
  • Collaborating with your team, sharing messages and comments
  • Creating appointments and reminders
  • Streamlining the third surveyor selection

Pretty much every activity that is part of your workflow is either completely automated or simplified, so you can save tons of time on busy work, and instead spend that valuable time on higher leverage activities, like acquiring more customers and growing your practice. In addition to the great benefits mentioned above, our UK based team is continuously updating and improving this tool based on user feedback. We are constantly delivering more features and updates to our customers seamlessly through the Cloud, all within the most secure infrastructure and protocols.